New Patients

If you are interested in establishing care at our clinic, please contact us via email at office@bothellpsychiatric, use the “Contact Us” feature on the website, or call us at 425-949-0204 in order to speak with a member of our staff about scheduling your evaluation.   You may be interested in the FAQ section.

How do I Pay My Bill

Patients above the age of 18 may contact our office to register for online bill pay
Your bank may send us a check
Send a check or credit card information by mail
Use the Credit Card On File Authorization form
Call our office to leave a card by phone
Pay in-person


Release of Information

This form must be filled out in order for our office and providers to be able to send records to or discuss information regarding your time as a patient with anyone outside our office (therapists, primary care providers, school, your employer, etc.).


Your provider may direct you to make use of one of the following self-assessment tools. These and all forms comply with HIPAA privacy guidelines.