About Bothell Psychiatric

Learn more about our practice and what motivates us to provide you with the best possible treatment.

Our Mission

To offer the highest quality, evidence-based, outpatient care for individuals with mental illness and their families in a caring and supportive environment

Bothell Psychiatric is a team of doctors, nurse practitoners, and staff who are committeed to patient care and wellness. Our mission is central to everything we do. As your psychiatric providor, you can expect excellence in care and a focus on what matters most - your health.

Our Values

Patient Focused Treatment

We provide care that holds our patients as partners in their treatment. We acknowledge that each patient’s expression and experience of psychiatric illness is unique.

Patient Advocacy

We work with our patients’ family members, schools, workplaces, community, and other arenas to promote patient success while maintaining compliance with HIPAA privacy concerns.

Evidence-Based Decisions

Our care is backed by the most up-to-date, scientifically-validated clinical research, and our providers’ experience and professional judgment. Treatment is supported by scientific consensus and sound, evidence-based decisions to ensure you get the highest quality of care.

Lifelong Learning

Our providers take part in continual education in the most up-to-date research in diagnosis, treatment, and causes of psychiatric illness. We’re committed to developing the field of psychiatric care by offering training and education opportunities to students in regional psychiatric programs.

Photo by Anders Jildén

Meet Our Team

Our team is made up of doctors, nurse practitioners, and office staff who are committed to your care. 

Want to learn more about our staff? Click below to learn about each of providors and the people you’ll interact with when you visit us.

Our Treatment Process

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